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Privacy Agreement 

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Please Read Carefully Important Information about Privacy
Manulife Financial, its subsidiaries and affiliates, including John Hancock, take seriously our responsibilities regarding the collection, handling and storage of your non public personal information. The non public personal information and other information you provide in this application will be used within our organization to assess your qualifications and suitability as a potential employee of Manulife Financial, or one of its subsidiaries including John Hancock. Manulife Financial, its subsidiaries and affiliates, including John Hancock, may also collect and use additional non public personal information provided by you or your references in the course of the evaluation and hiring process; all such non public personal information may become part of your employment file if you are a successful candidate and offered employment. All retained data may be stored in locations outside your jurisdiction and, where required, your information may be disclosed to law enforcement, regulatory or other government agencies or third parties in those jurisdictions where necessary or desirable to comply with legal or regulatory obligations.
For more information on how Manulife Financial, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and John Hancock, protect your privacy, visit Our Privacy Principles & Policies.
If at any point before you are offered employment you wish to have your application information removed from our database, please email with the subject line "Please remove me from your database".
I authorize Manulife Financial, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and John Hancock (or any party appointed by Manulife Financial, its subsidiaries, affiliates or John Hancock) collecting, storing and using my personal information (both inside and outside my jurisdiction), including my non public personal information, for the purposes identified above, and that I have read and understand the applicable privacy policy.  I certify the information I provide in this application is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I understand any misrepresentation may disqualify me from employment consideration and/or result in cause for my dismissal at any point during my employment with Manulife Financial, its subsidiary, affiliate or John Hancock. Please click on "I accept" to indicate your understanding, consent and agreement with the foregoing.